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  • How do we get out to our house?
    Early in the season if the ice isn’t thick enough to drive larger vehicles, LOTW Sleepers will transport you and all your gear via track transportation to and from your house. Later in the season as the ice gets thick, you will be able to drive out to your house in your own vehicle using the plowed ice road from Bugsy’s’ resort. The ice road is clearly marked and we will guide you to your house.
  • How far out on the lake are the sleepers?
    It depends on the time of year. In the early season we are fairly close to shore. As the season progresses we move our houses out further. The furthest we go is roughly 10-12 miles off shore. As the season closes we start to bring our houses back in towards shore.
  • What is the best time to go ice fishing on Lake of the Woods?
    Fishing is fishing. We tend to see good fishing all season long.
  • Do I need to bring an ice auger?
    No. We will drill all the holes in your sleeper for you. If you would like to bring an auger to fish outside during the day you are more than welcome to do that. We recommend bringing an auger extension later in the season as the ice gets thicker.
  • Are there plug-in’s in the house to charge electronics and phones?
    Yes, there are LOTS of plug-ins.
  • What kind of generator do you use?  Can it handle a crockpot or C-pap machine?
    We use a Generac 2200 generator with extended fuel run tanks. Yes, they powerful enough to handle both a crockpot and a c-pap machine.
  • What kind of bait do you provide?
    We provide live fatheads (chubs) each day of your stay. You are welcome to purchase frozen shiners from Bugsy’s resort for an alternative bait source.
  • Is there a table and chairs in the sleeper?
    Yes, there is a card table and chairs provided. The folding chairs are padded but we suggest bringing a comfortable camp chair of your choice as well.
  • What type of rod and reel is best?
    The best poles to use are about 28” medium to medium-heavy. We recommend a durable spinning reel.
  • What line is best for ice fishing?
    We recommend 8 -10lb test. The no stretch (fireline) is also popular.
  • Are there any hot colors or lures?
    Traditionally, the best colors for Lake of the Woods are pink, gold, red, and orange. We recommend bringing some glow jig as well.
  • What types of jig should we use?
    Buck shot lures, Lindy Rattlin’ Flyer spoons, Gem-n-eyes, Rocket spoons, Swedish Pimples
  • Will my underwater camera work?
    Because the water is murky, cameras aren’t as useful on Lake of the Woods. We recommend a Vexilar. If you need one, we have them for rent for $25/day.
  • Are there any discounts for kids?
    Yes. Kids 12 and under are ½ price. Please call to book 218-626-7805 to book your sleeper if you have children 12 and under.
  • Are there any discounts for military or veterans?
    No, not at this time. We do off a 3 night discount of 5% off your total bill.
  • Are you pet friendly?
    Yes! Absolutely! We ask that you clean up your pet’s mess and ensure they are not disturbing other anglers in the area.
  • Is there anywhere we can take a shower?
    Yes, there are two places close to the resort that have nice shower facilities. The Wash-n-Go Liquor and Shower house is ½ mile away from Bugsy’s. There is also Log Cabin bait which is roughly 4 miles from Bugsy’s.
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